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Okay enough of that! Here's the REAL scoop!

Also answers to: Jen, Mom, J-Bird, Aunt Zen

Origin: Born in Darlington, SC -interrupted a Christmas party my parents were attending on Dec. 11. (Not gonna tell you what year!)

Happily residing in St. Stephen, SC in the heart of God's country, Beautiful Berkeley County!

May be seen: Hanging out with Budman and the kids (Joel and Kirby), driving through town with the Grabel dog on my lap, checking our the endcap clearance displays at a nearby Target, reading when I should be cleaning the house!

Special Powers: Making killer desserts, including a mean chocolate chip cookie!

Secret Weapon: the ability to make little kids laugh and have fun, my funny, quirky little six pound lapdog who thinks he can defend me from ANYONE and is not afraid to show you!

Can't live without: My Bible, my computer, tunes in the car, air conditioning, ice cold coke, butterfingers, pizza, we really don't have enough room for this list...

Challenges: procrastination, organization, putting laundry away, getting up early

Enemies: people who drive slow in the left lane, rude people

Heroes: My parents, the Budman, Miss Iris (one day I hope to grow up to be as tough as she is!)

Little known fact: I started playing the piano in my church every Sunday when I was eleven...we're not even gonna go there as to how long ago that was...and that's where you'll still find me every Sunday morning...

Perfect day: (In town) Hanging out with Bud, the kids and the dog with nowhere to be (Out of town) Hanging out with Bud and the kids at DisneyWorld or in the mountains somewhere kayaking down a river.

Favorite Movie Line: "Who is your daddy and what does he do?" Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kindergarten Cop

Favorite sound or noise: children laughing, rain on the roof when I don't have anywhere to go...